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Celtic Crossings is pleased to provide special interest itineraries for groups who wish to explore the richness of Ireland  –with a little help from our experts!  We specialize in customized independent travel plans for families, corporate executives, newlyweds, empty nesters, professional associations and the happily retired.

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In 2017, we will also be offering premium guided tours for discerning travelers, lead by our own team of international historians.  Please contact us for advance information.

Balancing education, inspiration and recreation, our friendly team of regional historians, noted musicians and dancers, cultural and heritage centers are delighted to put you on a path of discovery.  Come make memories to last a lifetime!

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A Retrospective of Celtic Crossings’ Special Interest Itineraries

  • From Connemara to California: Retracin’ the waves of Irish immigration- catalysts of the Great Irish Diaspora
  • Journey to the Top of the Worlds: Experiencing Ireland’s Dance Traditions IMG_0565.JPGfrom Sean Nós to Silver Buckles! (designed for families attending the annual All Ireland Irish Dance Competition)
  • Churches, Crosses and Holy Wells: Exploring Ireland’s Medieval HeritageTrinity College, Dublin
  • The Irish Mind: A Scholarly Look at Ireland’s Place in European History
  • Echoes from the Flagstones: Memory and Oral Traditions of the West of Ireland  
  • Wind in the Reeds: Tracin’ the Lineage of Irish Traditional Instruments
  • Na Capaill Bhána: Exploring the Windswept Coastal Communities and Islands of Counties Clare and Galway
  • Stop to Smell the Roses! Surviving an Irish Summer of Festivals from the Rose of Tralee, the Rose of Clare, the Belfast Rose Week, and many more
  • From Small Potatoes: Exploring the Farms and Fishing Traditions of Ireland Start of something new-spuds! (1)

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